Tradition and an awareness of social responsibility

Customers of Dallmayr’s traditional delicatessen in Munich love the unmistakable scent of freshly roasted coffee that drifts through the entire store from the coffee department. The coffee blends are stored in hand-painted vases made by the Nymphenburg porcelain factory. Saleswomen wearing blue dresses and white aprons weigh out the freshly roasted coffee. If you haven’t yet been there in person, you might be familiar with the scene from our television adverts with the unforgettable Dallmayr piano melody.

Dallmayr Kaffee has been one of Germany’s most successful brands for many years – a success based on high levels of quality, harmonious brand strategy and an effective advertising approach.

The Munich-based coffee roaster has always followed the rules of consistent purchasing: in spite of considerable fluctuations in the price of high-grade Ethiopian coffee, the company purchases large quantities each year and has become a reliable trading partner for the country.